How We Got Started

It all started in 1978 as a family owned and operated ice cream parlor. We asked our customers what they
were looking for in ice cream that they couldn't find anywhere else. The answer was the homegrown
flavors of the tropics made in a way that stayed true to their Caribbean roots. We put our noses to the
grindstone and came up with a line of ice cream made from authentic ingredients and real Caribbean flavors.

From our first handmade batches, where we painstakingly experimented with our ingredients to create the
ideal mix, to expansion into modern ice cream-making methods to satisfy our ever-growing and diversifying
customer base, we still have the same passion for ice cream that we did in the hot summer days when the
idea was born.

Over the years we've narrowed down our ice creams to the six signature flavors that we do better than
anyone else: Vanilla, Great Nut, Mango, Rum Raisin, Rummy Nut, and Coconut made from the
freshest creams and ingredients imported straight from the tropics. We wouldn't expect anything less in our
tropical ice cream, and we certainly would not expect anything less for our customers.

Taste the Tropics is not like the Hard Dairy products that you may be used to. The truth is, you'll taste more
than the tropics in your first spoonful, and every one after that. You'll taste the passion and care that has
kept us in business as an independent ice cream maker for more than thirty years. So whether it's an exotic
novelty or a reminder of home, phone us, email us, or just browse our website when you're ready to experience
a taste of the tropics.