Great Nut® Ice Cream

Great Nut® Ice Cream is not just a great-tasting ice cream with a nutlike flavor. Great Nut® is a special Taste the Tropics blend of roasted barley, malted wheat, and butterscotch, along with our secret ingredients, to produce a nutlike flavor so unique and delicious that the only word to describe it is Great! You can be sure that once you've tried Great Nut® ice cream, you'll agree that whatever kind of nut it is, it definitely has the right name.

Vanilla Ice Cream

What could be more common than Vanilla Ice Cream? Vanilla might be a synonym for plain, but Taste the Tropics Vanilla is not like other ordinary Vanillas. Vanilla beans can take up to three years to flower after they are first planted. During that time, the vanilla bean soaks in the rich Caribbean sun and the refreshing flavors of the tropical air. While our beans are on the vine, we spent our time perfecting a vanilla recipe that delivers the smooth taste of the tropics straight from the Caribbean vineyards to your tastebuds. Taste the Tropics Vanilla will have you wondering how you will ever go back to "vanilla" Vanilla again.

Rum Raisin Ice Cream

Imagine sailing the high seas with the Captain himself on his journey to the twelve islands. Picture yourself enjoying a Caribbean sunset while drinking up West Indian spirits. Rum Raisin will stimulate your imagination and more. The tender sweetness of sun-kissed raisins soaked in pungent rum flavoring is the finest Caribbean tradition in ice cream. Indulge yourself in an exotic luxury of rich flavors that has been blended to perfection to give you the only genuine way to truly Taste the Tropics.

Mango Ice Cream

The mango is the sweetest fruit of the tropics. The ripe mango displays all the colors of the tropics, from the red streaks of a tropical sunset, to the yellow sands of Caribbean beaches, to the green tops of tree-covered islands. When you feel the smooth sweetness of Taste the Tropics Mango Ice Cream melting in your mouth, you won't only be tasting premium ice cream made from real fruit pulp-you'll be tasting the essence of the tropics.

Rummy Nut Ice Cream

We asked our customers what they would make if they had the opportunity to create their own unique flavor. The overwhelming answer: Rummy Nut. Rummy Nut is a blend of Rum Raisin and Great Nut ice cream which combines into something that simply has never been tasted before. The sharp taste of Rum Raisin combined with the malted crunch of Great Nut is an experience that has to be lived to be understood. Our customers are thrilled with their creation and we are sure you will be too.

Coconut Ice Cream

Coconut. It's not cocoa and it's not a nut-so what is it? One of the healthiest and sweetest fruits known to man. Coconut juice is renowned for its nutritional properties and one of the best sources of electrolytes around. Coconut oil is a natural miracle food. But we're not here to sell you on the health benefits of eating coconut. We just love the sweet, milky taste of coconut juice and shredded coconut mixed into our smooth ice creams and we know you will too. So give it a try-Taste the Tropics Coconut Ice Cream is a guilt-free pleasure that is as good on your tastebuds as it is on your peace of mind.